About Us

Oemmepi started in 1969 as a small firm in the metal constructions industry and in time focused its activity in two main fields: metal construction in general (steel industrial warehouses, materials transport and selection systems) and storage cylinders for the heating industry, which is a rapidly-growing field. Since 1990, in fact, with the supply of fresh energy given by young members of Oemmepi staff, the storage cylinders sector rapidly developed and Oemmepi started supplying the main storage cylinders makers in Italy and in Europe.Today, Oemmepi main activity is in the thermo-hydraulic field. The company is highly specialised in designing and manufacturing hot water storage cylinders for sanitary purpose, both for home and industrial use. To meet market demand, during recent years it has expanded its custom structural metalwork sector to include the fabrication and installation of made-to-measure structures for photovoltaic installations. Thanks to its experience, Oemmepi means quality, safety and reliability. The excellent quality of its products is the result of the great importance given to R&D and to the selection of raw materials and is granted by the quality controls carried out in all phases of production.


Oemmepi, in just a few years, exploiting the design expertise of its technical staff, the use of the latest technology, carefully selected raw materials and a series of tests and checks after production, has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality products that are recognised and appreciated all over Europe. Constant research into new technologies, the professionalism acquired and development of know-how means we can satisfy the needs of leading companies, providing a compete outsourced production cycle and specific Oemmepi processing methods for the construction of the required products.Fast and reliable delivery times are among our main objectives, achieved by continuously updated production planning and an extremely vertical manufacturing process (everything is made in-house), ensuring a highly flexible system.


Oemmepi has all the instruments necessary to perform quality controls such as: dimensional control, welding aspect, leakage absence control, base flatness control, burrs absence control, thread control. Oemmepi is constantly committed to striving for quality, from the raw materials. Analysis and properties are carefully examined and tested. Moreover, the technology used is environmentally friendly. Production process control is assured by periodic inspections carried out by qualified personnel. All storage cylinders are made using materials in compliance with the standards in force (DIN 4753 / UNI 9905 / UNI 10025) and are water pressure tested at 1.5 times the maximum rated operating pressure. In all our treatments we do not use neither lead nor cadmium, we therefore comply with Q.L.vo 108/92 standards for foodgrade materials. We also comply with ISO 4531-2/1998 international standards for foodgrade enamels.Oemmepi S.p.A obtained in 2002 the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.