Storage Cylinders

The Oemmepi offering is aimed at providing optimum support for the use of renewable energy, where technology guarantees respect for the environment and certain energy savings.
The product ranges are divided into:
- Storage cylinders and tanks for domestic hot water (DHW);
- Buffer tanks for central heating (primary) or combined systems (primary + DHW);
- Horizontal storage cylinders;
- Vertical storage cylinders;
- Inox 304 and 316L storage cylinders;
- Enamel storage cylinders and teflon storage cylinders;
- Heat EXCHANGERS (inox, copper, iron).
Storage cylinders for domestic hot water production, vertical configuration, one or two coils, for storage and DHW heating.
The following options are available:
- products made entirely from AISI 316L stainless steel, up to 2000 litres;
- products made from S235JR carbon steel with inside vitrification treatment according to standard DIN4753, up to 3000 litres (SMALTGLASS treatment);
- products made from S235JR carbon steel with inside treatment using thermosetting resins, up to 5000 litres (SMALVER treatment).
Buffer tanks for central heating or combined systems are ideal for operation with solar heating systems, wood-fired storage cylinders and heat pumps. Products made from S235JR carbon steel, up to 5000 litres, are available in different versions based on the system configurations, with multiple coils, inspection flanges, AISI 316L stainless steel heat exchangers, tank-in-tank systems and solutions to optimise thermal stratification. Inox AISI 316 stainless steel grants long life for the storage cylinders and perfect hygiene for hot water. Inox steel is the material of the future and meets all the requirements of environment safeguarding, product quality and safety of use. In fact, inox steel meets the strictest requirements of modern technology thanks to its extraordinary properties: corrosion-proof, excellent mechanical properties, high recycling level. All this makes inox steel a low-cost and long-lasting material. Furthermore, it grants surface hygiene and no pollutants emissions.This makes inox steel the safest and most reliable solution.
Our main treatments are:
- Teflon painting: organic enamelling with powder hardness resins for electrostatic application, for use where an high resistance to drinkable hot water is requested.
- Inorganic enamelling, BAYER reference:
1. Direct enamel type PM6-35-4443 colour blue,DIN5110
2. Covering enamel type PM6-40-4427 colour blue jeans, DIN5110.
Thermal insulation is guaranteed by a thick layer of lagging, in rigid or soft polyurethane or injected directly onto the storage cylinder body.The tanks are enclosed inside a rigid plastic casing or have an elegant vinyl finish in various colour tones.